Good Design is Sustainable Design.

Sustainable Spaces Interior and Spatial Design is located in Wellington. Habitats created with environmentally conscious design decisions, to ensure our future is preserved.

Sustainable Spaces is not about fast fashion, following trends and short-lived, throw away items, it is a bespoke Ecological Interior Design and Consultancy Service, that ensures your home or business is designed with our planet in mind.

Sustainable Spaces is about helping you express your style, with emphasis on quality, natural materials, ethically sourced products, the life-cycle of the materials used and the ability to source and obtain items for re-use or re-purposing.

Why use Sustainable Spaces?

Well, it’s simple. I believe sustainability should not just be part of good design, but all design.

Our homes and places of work should be dwellings that allow people to thrive. You cannot do that when the environment around you is filled with synthetic toxins, or the space you reside in is cold and damp. This is not good for the health of our families, our pets or the wider environment we share.

With wellness being front and centre, the next step in harmonious living is integrating sustainable practices into our purchasing decisions and into the foundations of the of the spaces we live and work.

It’s time to think long term.

Samantha in Wellington, NZ on Houzz


“I cannot speak highly enough of Samantha and her work. She has designed and delivered an incredibly beautiful space, sourcing beautiful products, with sustainability in mind every step of the way.

Her eye for design, her meticulous attention to detail, her professionalism, her project management skills, every aspect of her work with me was perfect.

She listened, then designed and then delivered a gorgeous en-suite and walk in robe for my home, keeping in mind the era of the place and my desire for low impact on the planet.

I’ve managed my own renovations in the past, but I’ll only ever use Sam in the future. Her industry knowledge and connections saved me so much time and money.

I highly, highly recommend!” Georgie, Wellington

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